• Azhateran Slug

    Azhateran Slug

    Slender human with intense green eyes and black hair
  • Fubar


    Half-orc unassuming paladin, better living through intimidation
  • Gnosh Ferhul

    Gnosh Ferhul

    Medium Half-Org Rogue
  • Hoppin' Robbo

    Hoppin' Robbo

    A dancing halfing with a love of good times.
  • Krill Thirstslaken

    Krill Thirstslaken

    A wandering monk tasked to see new sights in the world and experience first-hand the essence of chaos.
  • Vardara


    Vardara is a white-blond haired young woman with cloudy eyes that never seem to focus for a long time on anyone. Despite her small build, she handles her massive earth breaker easily. Clad in a long gray dress bearing the arms of Asterius
  • Sioned Obrea

    Sioned Obrea

    Small and waif like, with blonde hair and large, expressive violet eyes that hint at some elven blood. She wears tight fitting clothes of modest cut and muted color, trying not to stand out in a crowd.