Nation Cairn
Alignment NG
Size Small Town
Population 990
Demographics Integrated
Government Conventional
Leader Cassandra Tethlin

Camlin is a town in the northern region of the nation of Cairn, nestled in the southern foothills of the Icewall Mountains. The settlement is positioned at the mouth of Camlin’s Gorge, the only reliable route through the Icewalls to the Frostlands, a region of glacial ice to the north.

Camlin is considered by most in Cairn as a frontier town. It acts as a gateway between the Frostlands and everything further south. The community is best known for generating a somewhat steady stream artifacts and lore from the northern glaciers, primarily having to do with the ancient Itharian Empire to which the nation of Cairn traces its origins. As a result, all such artifacts are considered national treasures; possession of such items south of Camlin without the proper authorization is a crime punishable by time in the stockades of the capital city of Crescent Harbor. To dissuade those with such intentions, a contingent of the Scions of Ithar is stationed in the region.

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