Titles The Timeless Rose
Maiden of Song
Alignment NG
Portfolio Spring, beauty, art, music
Worshipers Bards, druids, artists, poets, fey
Domains Animal, Charm, Good, Liberation, Plant
Favored Weapon Glaive

Mireille (pronounced mee-REE-ay) is a goddess of art and music. She is representative of the spring; freedom from the cold and storms during the first thaw, renewal and new life resulting from seasonal rains, and beauty bursting forth from lands previously dormant during the winter months.

Mireille is a reliable ally to many other good and neutral deities, but values her own independence. She’s long been courted by Asterius, known as the Winter Monarch, but has always rebuked his advances; it is said this rejection spawned the flowers known as Asterius’ Tears.

The Timeless Rose is commonly depicted as a human woman of otherworldly beauty, though in communities founded by other races she’s typically presented as a member of the dominant populace. She possesses long, dark auburn hair, piercing green eyes, and fair skin. Mireille is never without a diaphanous blue or green shawl.

Mireille never appears to groups of her followers, only to individuals; when manifesting to one her faithful, she takes on the form of a female of the individual’s race, naked save for her ever-present shawl and a mithril glaive.

Mireille is a eternal optimist; just as winter will always lead into spring, she believes positive events will always arise from negative occurrences. She allows others to perceive her actions as frivolous, but she is a calm and calculating strategist, and a capable tactician. The Timeless Rose normally keeps her involvement in the material world to nothing more than playing muse to her faithful, but is quick to act when she feels there is a need to do so; she evaluating situations as they arise and moves swiftly to bring them to a close.

Church of the Timeless Rose
The Church of the Timeless Rose is loosely organized into individual hierarchies in each nation Mireille is openly worshiped. Each of these dioceses functions independently of one another, free to define policy within the borders of the nation in which they reside; the leaders of a diocese are even free to authorize their clergy to take up arms in support of their nation during times of war, even if the opposing side of the conflict also supports a diocese dedicated to the Timeless Rose. That said, hostilities between two priests of Mireille, even if they may be fighting for warring nations, is considered an affront to the goddess’s authority and is never acceptable.

Each dioceses is led by a Chosen Artisan, a title only granted to an individual who is perceived to have created a work inspired directly by Mireille herself. Priests and clergy dedicated to the Timeless Rose are expected to present themselves to the local church whenever they enter a foreign diocese. Such travelers are typically welcomed by the local leadership, but foreigners are expected to abide by the policies of the local dioceses when within their area of authority.


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