Player Character Guidelines

Each member of the campaign The Master’s Forge must create a character. When an individual takes on GM duties, that member’s character is to be treated as an NPC party member until they pass the responsibility to the next person in line.

Player characters must be tied to the town of Camlin in some manner. These characters do not necessarily need to be natives of the community, but something in their background needs to give them a reason to be present there. If existing information does not currently support your character concept, feel free to add to the campaign’s wiki entries in order to provide the background you need; some examples include defining new locations, settlements, nations, people, deities, monsters, etc. That said, be respectful of information added by other members of the campaign, and try to refrain from making changes that will effect multiple wiki articles.

Player characters created for play in The Master’s Forge must conform to the following guidelines:

Starting Level Level 1
Alignment Non-evil, no CN
Race Selection Any standard race presented in the Pathfinder Core Rules
Class Selection Any standard class presented in the Pathfinder Core Rules or the APG Playtest Document
Ability Scores 25 points
Feats No crafting feats other than Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, and Craft Wand
Traits Two traits selected from This List ; traits must be of different types (Combat, Faith, Magic, etc.)
Starting Wealth Maximum gold based on character class.

Player Character Guidelines

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